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Given the current national credit-crunched lending environment and the slowing real estate market – which has shifted to a buyer’s’ market – coupled with lower interest rates, now is an ideal time to invest in the purchase of rental property.

After all, although the real estate market slowdown has seen prices drop and interest rates dip, rental income has not wavered – making now an optimal time to start building your investment property portfolio or continue adding to your existing list of properties.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the key is to work with myself who is an expert in this niche and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and ongoing information that will help you make informed investment decisions and feel at ease throughout each purchase.

I offer an invaluable service to real estate investors because, if the mortgages on your investment properties are not set up properly from the onset of each venture, you will not be able to get future financing – a necessity for continuing to build your portfolio of rental properties.

I am an expert in dealing with real estate investors know that a portfolio approach must be taken to ensure future financing for those looking to purchase rental properties. As an experienced mortgage professional I will ask you in detail about your specific property investment goals and develop a game plan for the next five or 10 years based on these goals.

I can work with you in order to determine where you currently stand in terms of your real estate goals, where you need to be to meet those goals and the steps involved to get you there.

Keep in mind, however, that your plan should be revisited with myself at least annually to ensure you’re still on track.